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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meijer 6/16/11

3 dannon yogurt 6ct tubes-$1.39 each after coupons
5 Weight watchers yogurt cups-$0.26 each after stacked coupons
2 4-pack dannon activia-$2.04 each after coupons (Plus $2 OYNO from buying dannon)
3 Heluva dips-$0.25 each after sale/coupons
6 Jumbo flaky biscuits-$0.99 each
2 Ore-Ida sweet potato fries-Free product coupons
6 bags Sargento reduced fat shredded cheese-$1.55 each after sale/coupons
Folgers coffee-$4.00 after coupon
4 Lean Cuisine-$1.44 each after sale/coupons
4 Steambag veggies with sauce-$1.17 each after sale/coupons

Produce (5lbs red potatoes, raspberries, strawberries, 2lbs grapes, organic veggie tray with 4 servings-$10.75

Plus a few other things we did not get with coupons.

Spent: $54.62

Saved: $44.96

Target 6/16/11

3 Red Baron french bread pizzas- $1.50 each after sale/coupons
2 weight watchers ice cream-$2.50 each after sale/coupons
4 Wishbone dressings-$0.89 each after coupons
2 Danon kids smoothies-$1.69 each after coupons
2 Lipton tea bags-$0.09 each after coupons

Spent:  $21.05

Saved:  $16.55

Hardings 6/16/11

2 Breve Cream, $2.79 for 2 after coupon
Rice mixes (9)-$0.88 each
Pasta mixes (3)-free wyb rice
Pasta sauce (8)-$1.16 each after sale/coupons
Hot dog buns (2)-$0.70 each after sale/coupons
Marshmallows that my daughter has been asking for $1.29
2 Lipton 20oz teas (free after coupon)

Spent: $19.54

Saved: $14.15