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Monday, March 28, 2011

Target 3/28/11

5 Revlon nail care products
5 Happy Baby pruducts
2 Circo baby socks
1 pack Huggies wipes
2 travel Secret deodorant
3 Dove travel deodorant
3 Degree travel deodorant
1 A&D ointment
1 box Flinstones vitamins
1 2-pack Target paper towels
1 box Target q-tips
2 boxes Quaker granola bars
1 bottle Target glass cleaner
1 Travel size Visine
2 Wishbone salad dressing
2 Target Cafe kids meals
1 Target Cafe large fountain drink

Total spent:  $0.76   Total saved:  $83.11

A few weeks ago a daily deal site offered members a $20 Target gift card if you got three people to join the website. I won the card, got it in the mail two weeks later, and it bought all of the above merchandise, including tax. The only thing we actually spent out of pocket was $0.76.

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