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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Target 5/18/11

6 4-packs Starbucks Frap. ($5.79 each-$5 gift card WYB 2-3 $2/2 coupons=$13.74 or $2.29 each)
6 12-packs Lipton tea ($5.99 each-$5 GC WYB 2-3 $2/2 coupons=$14.92 or $2.49 each)

This was the first transaction, we had $20 in target gift cards that we used to pay for this, then used the $30 in GC from buying the drinks to buy all the rest of the stuff AND lunch for 4 at the target cafe.

Here is the second transaction:

4 Hasbro card games (was $10.48 each for two, and $5.24 each for the other two. They had the $10 games on sale for $6.99, plus I had 2 $3 off coupons for this game and two for "buy the $10 game, get a $5 game free". This made it $2 for each game.)
1 tub wipes (price drop for $1.97, had a $1 off coupon=$0.97 for Pampers wipes)
1 glade candle (had a "free" coupon, plus a $1 off Target coupon, so they paid me $1 to buy it)
4 10ct packs Finish dishwasher tabs ($2.79 each, had 4 $1.75 off coupons=$1.04 each)
Up&Up brand sunscreen ($4.54-$0.50 off coupon=$4.04)
2 Right Guard body wash (sale for $3 each, had a B1G1 free coupon, plus 2 $1 off Target coupons=$0.50 each)
2 travel Sensodyne ($0.97 each-2 $0.75 off coupons=$0.22 each)
2 Reach floss ($0.97 each, had 2 $1 off coupons=$0.06 profit)
4 aquafresh kids products ($1.99 each, had 4 $1 off coupons and 4 $1 off Target coupons=$0.04 profit)
2 Revlon nail clippers ($1.59 each-$5/2 coupon=$1.82 profit)
1 Blistex ($0.99)
2 Scotch tape ($1.79 each-2 $1 off coupons=$0.79 each)

Total with tax came to $19.96. I had $30 in GC from the first transaction that I used to pay for this and lunch :)

Total spent (for everything)= $14.72   Total saved= $140.28

We didn't realize until later that we didn't get charged for all the drinks. We called and told them, but they said not to worry about it :(.

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