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Monday, January 16, 2012

Aldi 1/10/12

First time I've done an Aldi post. Aldi doesn't take coupons, so just compare everything to the off brand at another store to figure out savings. Some of the things at Aldi we prefer to other brands, and the produce is usually very good at the Aldi in my area.

 2 24ct bottled water (we prefer this to name brand) $2.49 each. That's $1.50 each cheaper than store brand.

English muffins, $0.99. I can't get them cheaper than this at my other stores, even with sales.

Head of broccoli, bag of red potatoes, bag of Gala apples, bag of Cuties oranges, pint of blueberries, $7.95 total. Great price on quality produce in the middle of winter.

Total spent: $13.92
Estimated savings: $12

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