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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Target frozen food deal 2/22/11

Target has a great deal going on right now. Buy ANY 7 frozen food items, get a $5 gift card. We figured out that you can use coupons, and roll the gift cards. This means buying 7 things, getting the gift card, buying 7 more things, using that gift card to pay for it, and then getting another gift card. This is how we did tonight:

4 bags Market Pantry frozen veggies ($1 off 4 target coupon)
16 can Old Orchard concentrated juice ($1 off 4 ((x4 coupons)) when you register on their website)
2 California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizzas ($1.25 off ((x2 coupons)) printed coupon)
2 Kashi frozen entrees ($2 off ((x2 coupons)) any Kashi item from RecyleBank)
7 personal size ice creams
4 boxes green giant veggies ($0.50 off ((x4 coupons)) any green giant veggies-their website)
21 bags Birdseye steamer veggies ($1 off 3 ((x7 coupons)) from their website)
1 TGIF appetizer (clearance)
22 Michelina's frozen entrees ($1 off 5 ((x2 coupons)) from their website)
24 Banquet pot pies

Also 2 kids meals and 2 large drinks from the target cafe. ($1 off kids meal ((x2 coupons)) from target site)

Started with a credit of $8.51
Total spent: $15.57  Total saved: $83.93

My freezer is full, I got a huge variety, and the store still had a LOT left. We only had $16 to work with or I think we would have bought out the store! Possibly going back later in the week to do more damage!

I tried to keep each transaction to about $5-$7 for all seven items, so I was paying $0-$2 for each "set" after the gift cards.

I felt like a kid in a candy store, this is the coolest thing I have been able to do since I started couponing!

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