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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Target frozen food deal AGAIN 2/26/11

Oh, this was fun...

10 boxes Smart Ones
14 boxes Kashi frozen entrees
4 bags El Monterey
4 boxes Green Giant veggies
6 bags Market pantry veggies
2 bags Ore-Ida hash browns
7 Michelinas entrees
7 ice creams
1 Large box corn dogs
1 box garlic bread

1 pack plates
1 pack bowls
1 bag styrofoam cups
1 bag plastic cups
4 boxes plastic silverware
1 pack printer paper
1 pack labels
1 bottle ibuprofen
2 toothbrushes
1 dental floss
1 box tissues

Totals for everything-

Total spent:  $61.60  Total saved:  $97.46

My freezer is happy :)
I barely fit it all in! The two Target trips this week filled an empty freezer. You are looking at $500 worth of food that I spent about $100 on. In the year we have had this freezer, it has never reached halfway full.

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